Real Estate Transactions

We possess a transversal expertise that allows us to intervene at all the stages of a real estate development operation, from the structuring of the operation to the exploitation or transfer of the asset.

Our experience in complex transactions, notably on behalf of commercial property companies and land developers, includes both transactional advice and litigation support in the following matters:

  • The structuring of real estate transactions ;
  • Ownership ;
  • Land development, as part of property development contracts, off-plan sales or renovations ;
  • The construction, including the drafting and negotiation of contracts (works contracts, project management contracts, etc.), the legal monitoring of construction sites, preventive procedures as well as litigation before and after delivery ;
  • Construction and operating insurance ;
  • Leases of any kind, including off-plan leases ;
  • Contracts necessary for the technical and rental management of the assets ;
  • Real estate transactions ;
  • Urban planning ;
  • Co-ownership / joint tenancy, and ;
  • Real estate financing.

Our real estate practice covers all business sectors (offices, shops, hotels, housing, logistics, healthcare facilities and nursing homes, etc.).

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